[knowbodies] provides advice to companies and organisations in the areas of integrated communication and talent management. Our communications counsel covers the entire range of integrated communication, from the strategic communications concept to classic press relations, from social media communication and public affairs activities to internal communication. In in-house workshops we impart the communication know-how tailored to the clients’ needs and as objective external experts we moderate the dialogue between the internal players. Whether it is a comprehensive communication concept or selective event PR, [knowbodies] offers different consultation modules from which the client can choose the services that fit their particular needs best.

Talent management and the proper management of specialist and managerial staff play an important role for many companies in times of demographic change. Successful talent management involves both the development of human resources and corporate communications tools. [knowbodies] has designed a four-point model for talent management joining these two areas. Together with our clients we work to create their credible employer brand (employer branding) and a suitable communications concept (conception). This includes a genuine profile on the employer evaluation portal Qualified internal and external communication helps keep competent employees in the organisation for the long term (retention), broadens their scope for decision making and allows their ideas to influence the development of the company (empowerment). At the same time it helps win new talent for apprenticeships as well as at the skilled worker and management levels (recruiting).

Apart from advising companies, [knowbodies] conducts scientific research focusing on integrated communication and talent management for e.g. the Deutsche Lufthansa AG and the German Federal Foreign Office. The results and further research findings are implemented in our consultation work with a practical orientation and the generated recommendations for action are adapted to fit the individual situation of the client.

Astrid Nelke, Ph.D. is also an advisory board member to Deutscher Bildungspreis