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internal communication

Internal communication as an information management method has increasingly come to the fore in recent years and has meanwhile become an important aspect of corporate communication. The term describes any kind of information exchange or communication between management and employees within a company. Internal communication comprises anything from company goals and strategies to current news right up to feedback from employees and is considered a significant employer branding tool, i.e. for building a strong employer brand. Successful internal communication helps to improve processes in a company, to optimise the work flow, to finish projects with the best possible result and to control knowledge management.

Improving internal communication – for greater motivation

Therefore, internal communication is a crucial success factor for companies in times of fast change. Comprehensively informed employees are more motivated and content, which is a decisive advantage for a company, particularly in the “war of talents“. Specialised personnel and executive staff will be the scarcest resources in the future and only the firms that succeed in retaining their finest employees and procuring new talent will survive in competition. Therefore, we help optimise internal communication processes in your company with an individual communication strategy.

Internal communication tools

Besides conventional internal communication tools like staff magazines or newsletters, [knowbodies] presents the use of online tools like intranet-based information platforms and expert databases. Aside from that, we also include instruments to aid human resource development and established staff events in our counsel. Guidance on informal communication as well as on the use of internal and external social media tools tops off our range of services. In doing so, we always draw on our own studies and further research findings. In 2005, for example, a part of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG intranet was examined to determine its utility for the company’s employees. Based on this research, we were able to develop a catalogue of improvement ideas which was largely put into practice in the Lufthansa corporation afterwards. In 2011, we collaborated with the German Federal Foreign Office on a study which involved both employee interviews and the analysis of the internal communication tools. This study is published by Springer VS. (

We offer top-notch advice on all internal communication aspects

Internal communication is vital to work effectively today and successfully in the long term, because whether a customer is satisfied with goods or services strongly depends on the communication among the employees in a company. Therefore, we offer internal communication as an individual service or in connection with meetings and training sessions on external communication – as integrated communication – and will be happy to give you information on our further services, e.g. social media communication.

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