social media communication

Social media communication is net-based digital word of mouth communication and taps into the credibility products and services gain by other people’s recommendations (likes). Companies using social networks such as Xing, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ obtain new opportunities for corporate communication: customers can directly contact a company and discuss products or the brand itself. Therefore, social media are an important aspect of brand communication and enhance long-term brand awareness.

social media in corporate communication

The digital connection through social networks allows companies to reach a large number of customers and interested people today. Social media have special advantages such as far reach, easy accessibility, a unique degree of multimedia support and the possibility to be highly up to date.

In order to gain the full benefit from these features and to shape direct contact with customers and employees positively, [knowbodies] designs a strategic social media plan with you. The relevant target groups on the internet are specified and the use of the options is presented chronologically. [knowbodies] explains how social media channels can be professionally utilised with the available resources and advises you in your choice of the suitable channels for your company. Where time is still limited, linking a twitter-account to the management’s XING-profile may be the better solution – sometimes less is more. Those who have more (wo)man power at their disposal can position their company on the internet with different profiles geared to the target groups.

Social media are becoming increasingly relevant

The fact that social media are important for businesses and will stay so in the future is proven by a number of studies. Over 82 percent of the respondents of the PR-Gateway-survey (2012) consider social media as one of the most important tasks for their future corporate communication. Nevertheless, three out of ten interviewed organisations in Germany do not actively participate in the social web, only a third of the organisations feel well prepared for this tool (Social Media Governance Study 2011). Yet, the target groups of the organisations increasingly make use of social media tools in their daily communication (ARD/ZDF-Online Studies 2007-2011). This shows the inherent potential of this means of communication. For 65 percent of the interviewees of the “Social Media Excellence 12”-study by the University St. Gallen (2012) social media channels also offer added value in the employee recruitment process. That makes social media communication an important tool for employer branding, i.e. for creating an attractive employer brand.

Let us advise you on social media communication

We optimise your company’s social media communication and work together with you to develop customised programmes for the efficient use of social media tools in your corporate communication.

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